Secure and Easy
Check-In System

Keep yourself and others safe, check yourself at businesses to assist in Covid-19 contact tracing.

You can now choose to use Check Yourself as a Secure and Easy Sign-In for your Visitors. Have your visitors "Check Yourself" at your businesses for your health and safety records.

Easy as scan, tap and send

No apps to download and no passwords to remember. Every-time you scan a code you open a simple webpage unique to the business you are visiting, enter your details and you're done.

Your details stored securely

We will keep all details secure as per our privacy policy until they are needed. If there is no need to contact you in regards to your safety, your details will never be given to the business you've visited or the government.

Keep track of your outings

By checking yourself you will have an email record of any places you've visited, their contact details and who you were with. Searchable in your email so you can access whenever you need.

Here's how it works

Step One

Scan our poster on arrival

Open the camera app on your phone and scan the QR code, tap the prompt to open the check yourself website.

Step Two

Enter your details and check yourself

Your name, contact details and the names of anyone who is with you on your visit. As long as you know their contact details we don't need each person to do this.

step three

Receive confirmation email & checking out

You will receive an email for your records which will also have a check out button for you to press when you leave.

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